Friday, January 30, 2015

My drum teachers-

                                                              (Steve - above)
  Steve very first drum teacher...for a while...until he moved out of state. One of the neighborhood guys. Always heard him practicing when walking past his house. Fantastic drummer! Encouraged me to keep learning. Sent me many tapes and DVDs through the years to keep me motivated.
  Steve is the one who told me about Normie Wayne, who became my long time drum teacher and taught me how to read music. He had great patience with me and a wonderful sense of humor. I still have my music notebook with yellowed pages of drum rudiments and exercises he wrote out for me in a way I could easily understand.
    After some setbacks due to bad chronic pain and also Lyme Disease, I hadn't played the drums in a long time. (Except if in my head counts.) Then I became enthused again, thanks to the energy from other talented people, and so am taking steps to re-learn those rudiments in the dreaded 'syncopation' book Normie had me do each week. So glad I still have all his written lessons. One beat at a time. :)

                                                                                       (Normie Wayne - above)

 An exercise written by Normie - From my notebook

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